Monday, April 16, 2012

The Beginning of the End

Today is a momentus occasion.  It is the beginning of the end:  the last Monday of classes, and my second to last day of class as a law student!  The past few weeks have been reasonably eventful.  I found out my start date for work (right after Labor Day weekend), got my bar study loan squared away, and have started to look at housing options in Anchorage.  Currently, the leading option is this:

In the meantime, I am also enjoying the Spring weather here in Virginia.  This past weekend was beautiful, and Dave and I went to a wine and beer fest out in Smithfield on Saturday and it was fantastic.  Who could ask for more than beautiful weather, wine, beer, cheese, SAMOAS, and friends. 

While I should be studying for exams, instead I have a flight lesson tonight, Sophia's birthday tomorrow, Junior League on Wednesday, and general lounging around planned for the rest of the week.  I guess outlining can be interspersed throughout. 

As law school comes to a close, I am starting to get really excited about the next step.  This time next year, I'll be here!

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Move is Coming!

Hello everyone!  Since I lawt wrote, there has been significant movement forward on the graduation/Alaska front.  I sent in my Alaska BarApplication, paid my BarBri fee, registered for graduation (and of course made graduation dinner reservations at Blue Talon), rented my cap and gown, and attempted to change my name on the graduation programs to Bailey Jennifer Woolfstead-Tebow.  The move to Alaska is becoming more and more imminent, as is the move to Florida beforehand.  The idea of packing up all of my things and moving twice in the next four months is a bit overwhelming.  The coping mechanism I am using for the entire move is the idea of a cleanse.  I am cleansing and refreshing my life as a whole, including using the move as an opporutnity to slim down on the number of things I own.  However, the next frew months of moving 1500 miles to Florida, moving 5000 miles to Alaska, taking possibly the most difficult exam of my life, and then starting a new job and making new friends in what is, quite frankly, a new world is both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

This past week, one of the Themis representatives for my school introduced me via email to another Virginian who has basically had the same experience that I had this past summer.  She went up to Alaska for the first time over the summer to intern, fell in love with it, and will be moving up to clerk in Palmer (just outside of Anchorage) to clerk for a judge there.  She is also studying from her hometown for the summer and moving up in August after the bar.  Emailing back and forthw ith her has been really great, and I look forward to having another new friend up North.

In other news, I have made an important decision.  Instead of getting a dog when I move up to Alaska, I am going to spend some time fostering.  They are in desparate need of people to foster, and those dogs get more love and affection during the process, and are much more liekly to get adopted.  I think it will be a good trail run for actually having a dog, and with my clerk salary, the fact that the dog rescue pays for all veterinary bill and dog food doesn't hurt.  And really, who wouldn't want to spend some time with this guy:


That's the update for now.  I really will start posting more soon, as I am learning more and more about the move to AK every day!